Welcome to myAODPrevention, a new national AOD prevention resource for workers. Please review the foundational theories underpinning good prevention practice. Seek out and add to, existing resources in our knowledge database. Improve your daily work life through participation in the practice section.

Your membership and participation is not only valued, but necessary for the AOD prevention sector. Share, learn, grow.

"In theory, theory and practice are the same. In practice, they are not."
- Albert Einstein

Theory Homepage

Theory is the foundational belief in how something works and the purpose of theory is practice. Theory constantly changes - we think through theories, try to break them down and understand them, and experiment putting them into practice to determine what is correct and incorrect.

Knowledge Homepage

Learning is a concept that isn’t limited to books or classes. You can literally learn something new every day, and you probably do without realizing it. Take advantage of knowledge - use it.  

Practice Homepage

Practice is the use of abilities and skills in a particular field. Anyone willing to put in the practice can build a skill and develop standards. Practice makes things possible - it is tangible.

AOD prevention workspace

This is your practice space - a place to contribute to good practice in the AOD Prevention field through project write ups, perspectives, forum topics, board posts and more. Entries are being submitted from organisations all over Australia. Where's yours? Go to the Practice Section to particpate. Some of the latest write up are shown below.